The Plane of Bliss, Part 2
Event: Advanced Workshop
Date: 8-10 August 1997
Number of Discs: 5
Previous Release: Cassette #355

Disc 1
August 8
01. Toast
02. Reflection on Boktau
03. Why the Need for a Master Teacher in Regard to the Plane of Bliss
04. Intentional Spiritual Atmosphere of the Great Boktau
05. Fertile Seeds of Knowledge and What We do with Them
06. Old Understandings versus New Understandings and the Brain
07. Victimization versus Passion for the Work
08. Nervous Breakdowns
09. Soul, Spirit, and Point Zero as Taught by a Master Teacher
10. Archery: a Discipline that Shows Intent
11. The Importance of Focus, Doing Our List, and Creating Our Day
12. The Importance of Sharing Knowledge
13. Sensitivity, Polarization, and Instinct Leading to Intelligence

Disc 2
01. Great Initiates and the Choice of Seven Levels of Mind
02. Changing to an Existence of Freedom
03. An Event Dedicated to the Plane of Bliss
04. Creating the Day and Reevaluating the Card for Acceptance
05. Allowing Everything to Fall Apart to Achieve Our Freedom

August 9
06. Toast and Query
07. The Plane of Bliss and Book of Life
08. The Royal Road of Perfection and the Hypocritical Lie
09. The Light Review: Being Judged on Ulterior Motives and Unimpeccable Intentions
10. Instinct and Ulterior Motives: Men versus Women
11. The Embarrassment of Seeing Our Ulterior Motives
12. The Pharaoh's Heart Weighed Against a Feather and Ulterior Motives in Degrees of Our Prejudice
13. The Long Season of Contemplation on Bliss
14. Ulterior Motive as the Thunder Passion in Our Life and the Mastery to Achieve Freedom
15. Entities Who do not Get a Light Review versus Those Who Do

Disc 3
01. Being an Observer in Long Contemplation to Know One's Own Ulterior Motives in Order to Change
02. Honor, Impeccability, and Creative Truth
03. Multiple Realities: Dead or Alive or Both
04. The Life of an Initiate and Master
05. Déjà vu: Revisiting the Light Review Over and Over Again
06. Siding with Primary and Secondary Consciousness versus the Body
07. Meetings on the Plane of Bliss
08. Choice for Parents and Family
09. How We Want to See Ourselves in a Light Review
10. Near-Death Experiences, Suicide, and Heart Attack

Disc 4
01. Waking Up in a Light Review
02. Resurrection of Death, Rebirth, and the Egyptian Book of the Dead
03. The Atmosphere Between Primary and Secondary Consciousness: How We Come to Gather with Masters
04. How We as Gods Once Created, and the Entities of the 23rd Universe
05. The Determining Factor of Reality, Contemplation and Manifested Atmosphere
06. Having the Fortitude in the List to Be Born Again in the Same Lifetime

August 10
07. The Heart Weighed Against a Feather: Conscience
08. Long Dreams on the Lake of Tranquillity on the Plane of Bliss
09. The Soul and Its Life Plan

Disc 5
01. Life Like a Labyrinth
02. The Engines of Evolution, Transmigration of Souls, and Common Thought
03. Intent, the List, and Ulterior Motives: A House Divided Against Itself
04. Acceptance of Joy Unconditionally and Getting an Understanding of Ramtha's Mission
05. Loving the Body by Being Its Master Rather than Its Slave
06. Transcendental Life of Particles into Mass and the Consumption of the First Bodies of God
07. True Alchemy: In a Grain of Sand to the Seventh
08. An Insight into Working with Ignorant People
09. Mind Force and the Masters Who Walk the Path
10. Earthbound Spirits and Burning the Haunts of the Past
11. Broadcasting Lofty Thoughts and What We Get Out of a Light Review

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Audio Teachings by Ramtha
available for download

Audio Teachings by Ramtha
available for download